Miles Malone
Miles Malone Profile

Major: Conjuration – currently working on his Masters in Wizardry
Magic User: Yes
Magic Manifests: Blue; billowy
Extra Magic Ability: None
Specialty: Conjuration magic
Huge horror movie buff – the gorier the better!


Billie Patrick
Billie Patrick Profile

Major: Supernatural Studies
Magic User: No
Specialty: Knowledge of ghosts, monsters, and other things that supposedly go bump in the night.
Secret: Her middle name is “Jean”. She absolutely hates it and won’t admit it unless absolutely forced to.


Daniel Fairbrook
Daniel Fairbrook profile

Major: Divination
Magic User: Yes
Magic Manifests: Green; whispy
Extra Magic Ability: Clairvoyance: Uncontrolled; visions are clearer if it’s his own future – those about others are fuzzy
Specialty: Music
Secret: Sings the sappiest of sappy love songs to his boyfriend, Stephen, when they’re home alone.



Professor Caleb Goodman
Prof. Goodman Profile

Position: Professor, “Intro to Magic” and “Conjuration 101”; Mentor
Magic User: Yes
Magic Manifests: Yellow; billowy and sparkly
Extra Magic Ability: None
Specialty: Conjuration magic
Secret: Claims to use a wand to pay tribute to the old ways. Actually uses a wand because he has trouble controlling magic on his own.


Ms. Felicia Fitzgerald
Ms. Fitzgerald Profile

Position: Head librarian
Magic User: Yes
Magic Manifests: Purple; whispy
Extra Magic Ability: None
Specialty: Charms
Secret: Plans on becoming a crazy cat lady once she retires.


Dr. Joshua "JP" Pendleton
JP Profile

Position: Professor, “Magic Theory” and “Technomancy”; Senior Researcher in Technomancy
Magic User: Yes
Magic Manifests: Grey; smoke-like
Extra Magic Ability: Heightened energy sensitivity
Specialty: Energy perception and manipulation
Secret: Is totally wrapped around the fingers of his two nieces.



Eddie Davis
Eddie Davis Profile

Occupation: None – soon to be Familiar-in-Training
Species: Human-turned-cat
Magic User: No
Specialty: Sarcasm counts, right?
Secret: Actually doesn’t really mind being a cat that much, to be perfectly honest.


Penelope profile

Occupation: House ghost
Magic User: No… she thinks, anyway
Specialty: Shape-shifting
Secret: May not be able to peep in the bedrooms at the Malone house, but she isn’t above peeking in windows when they’re open.


Robo-6 profile

Occupation: Familiar to Dr. Pendleton
Species: Charmed smartphone
Magic User: …maybe? It's complicated
Specialty: Super-speedy with a search engine
Secret: Addicted to memes, but doesn’t spout them often since her master doesn’t get them.


Stephen Gale
Stephen Gale profile

Occupation: Performing arts student; former Rune affiliate
Magic User: No
Specialty: Dancing
Secret: His hoodie is the first thing Daniel ever gave him – he’s rarely seen without it, even in the summer.


James Malone

Occupation: Grade school teacher; Miles' dad
Magic User: Yes
Magic Manifests: Green; billowy
Extra Magic Ability: None
Specialty: Encouragement
Secret: Not as strong with magic as his mother and son, but truly doesn't mind - he's found his calling.


Norah "Gramma" Malone

Occupation: Retired Master Wizard; Miles' grandmother, James's mother; current world-traveler
Magic User: Yes
Magic Manifests: Red; wavy
Extra Magic Ability: Unknown
Specialty: Protective charms and barriers
Secret: Partially didn't tell Miles about Penelope haunting her attic because she thought it'd be funny when he found her.